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Hagan Machinery:
Providing quality engineering solutions for over 58 years.

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Providing quality engineering solutions since 1965

Hagan Machinery are a leading manufacturer and installer of high quality, custom built conveying and elevating products and a major fabricator of steel flighting systems, screw conveyors and augers.

Hagan Machinery also designs, manufactures and repairs moulds used by precast concrete manufacturers.

Based in Toowoomba in South East Queensland, we offer quality mechanical engineering solutions in the mining, resources, manufacturing, agricultural and government sectors.

Our Values


We never compromise on quality. From the smallest parts we utilise in manufacturing to the customer service we provide, quality is our number one priority. We set industry standards and satisfy our customers with top-notch products and services.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our company's values, guiding every decision we make and ensuring trust and honesty in all our interactions.


Excellence is not just a goal; it's our it's what drives and inspires us to consistently exceed expectations and deliver the highest quality products and services.

We place great importance upon on providing service without sacrificing quality.

Why Us?

Operational Capacity

Hagan Machinery is equipped to deliver a wide range of high end engineering solutions to a variety of clients.

We have the skilled engineering staff, trades people, installers and service technicians to ensure client satisfaction.

Personal Service

Managing Director Gavin Hagan takes a personal interest in every project the company takes on and, together with his senior management team, makes sure that the quality of engineering, communications and service delivery are fully compatible with the company’s commitment to excellence.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Clients who give consideration to the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) when making capital investment decisions choose Hagan Machinery as their engineering partner because they recognise the cost of a failure in a fabricated item is likely to be far greater than its purchase cost, and know that Hagan Machinery will deliver high quality solutions based on sound design principles, quality components, expert fabrication and efficient installation.

After Sales Service

Hagan Machinery is committed to long term relationships with clients and is therefore committed to ensuring on-going client satisfaction with products.

Senior staff make post delivery checks on major installations to ensure that all components are functioning as intended.

We have specialist staff involved in the maintenance of equipment and committed to ensuring that after sales service is commensurate with the high quality of the original build.

Celebrating Our People

At Hagan Machinery we strongly believe our people are at the core of our success.

Hagan Team Member

John Smith

John has been an integral part in project management and delivery of Client X’s Project Y

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