Auger Flight & Spiral Auger Barrel

Hagan Machinery stocks a large range of standard sizes of Continuous and Sectional Auger Flight, Spiral Auger Barrel (also known as tube) and associated components.

We locally manufacture Auger Spiral Welded Tube / Barrel. We currently stock 6m lengths and various sized offcuts

We are also experienced at designing and manufacturing custom spiral flighting systems for a wide range of applications. Designing and manufacturing custom spiral flighting systems has been a cornerstone of our business for over 40 years.

Sectional Auger Flighting

  • Manufactured in Toowoomba
  • Common range of sizes up to 600mm diameter
  • Manufactured from mild steel, bisalloy and stainless steel

Continuous Auger Flighting

  • Stocked in left hand and right hand
  • Available in 3 mm and 4.8 mm thick
  • Large range stocked in Toowoomba
  • Sizes range from 89mm to 380 mm diameter

Spiral Welded Auger Barrel

  • Manufactured locally
  • Stocked in 6 metre lengths and various offcut lengths
  • Available in 2mm & 3mm thicknesses
  • Sizes range from 102 mm to 450m outside diameter
  • Small quantities available

Auger Components

  • Auger Flange Joiners, Drive End Plates and Idler End Plates
  • Pipe Joiners, Drive and Idler Spigots with a range of
  • Bearings to suit
  • Auger ClampsAuger Bends

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